In a busy everyday life, it is important that the signage perform well, is easy to read and understand for your guests and does not cause trouble or irritation for the employees.

It is Granotel Displays Copenhagen's noblest task to offer customers a signage concept that works easily and smoothly. Granotel Displays Copenhagen therefore operates with three types of signage in a uniform design: Solid, Clear and Blackboard.

Solid are elegant pre-engraved signs. Solid stands places where the same message or offer is displayed every day or several times during the day. Be it the information that it is smoked salmon on the plate at the buffet or the warning that the coffee machine at the conference is running a cleaning program.

Clear is the flexible version of Solid. In Clear, the same black aluminum is used as in Solid, but is instead combined with transparent acrylic, which makes it possible to insert pre-printed paper inserts with your own texts. Clear is functional, which is reflected in the fact that the signs are specially designed so that the insert is placed in the sign from the front instead of from the back,

which gives a more elegant and uniform finish.

Blackboards are blackboard signs on which you can write with a chalk marker. The signs are popular as they give you the freedom to quickly make a good offer without the help of digital media.

Solid, Clear and Blackboard are available in standard A4 formats. A5, A6, A7s both on the wide or on the tall side.

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