About Granotel Displays Copenhagen

Granotel Displays Copenhagen offers a functional and elegant sign concept in classic Danish design.
The series offers a stylish overall solution focusing on functionality and flexibility, making it possible to create a clear and continuous thread in all of our signs.

Granotel Displays Copenhagen can supply table signs, name signs, door signs, floor signs, wall signs and reference signs in the formats A7s, A6, A5, A4, and A3.

The series is available in BLACK with white engraving or SILVER.

For the silver signs a unique colour engraving technique described at the end of this brochure can be offered.

Name plates.


Granotel Displays Copenhagen is a well-thought-out sign concept putting functionality and flexibility first.

The series is flexible, as it is possible to use the included perforated inserts with own printed texts.

Among others, the functionality is expressed by the signs being specially designed in a way that the insert must be placed in the sign from the front instead of the back, which gives a more elegant and uniform finish.

In a busy working day, it is important that the signage works and does not cause inconvenience or irritation to the employees, and it is therefore Granotel Displays Copenhagen’s noblest task to offer customers a sign concept that works easily and smoothly.


Granotel Displays Copenhagen is standing out with a very special engraving technique in the anodized signs, which makes text and graphics appear with a completely uniform and stylish surface, as if it were written on a piece of paper, with an elegant and exclusive result.

Moreover, anodized aluminum signs are not susceptible to fingerprints, unlike other glossy signs.

The method makes it possible to design the signs in a myriad of ways, where the company's name and logo can be engraved on the signs.

This technique allows graphics as detailed as traditional printing. The colour is slightly duller than with printing colours, but is easily seen from all angles.



Granotel Displays Copenhagen offers an exclusive, elegant and functional sign concept in timeless, classic Danish design.

The series offers a stylish, comprehensive solution ensuring a clear and continuous thread in the signage of the company.

Random signage characterized by an incoherent mix of different sign designs and varying style and quality can be seen in many places.

Granotel Displays Copenhagen creates continuity and recognizability in the design, resulting in a coherent sign concept and an overall strong expression.

At Granotel Displays Copenhagen the attitude is ”If you offer quality – then show it”

The signage should reflect the high standard and quality you want to present to your own customers, and the option to have your own logo engraved in all sign series supports the branding of our customers.

Buffet signs.


But we also think about our customers' customers. Good signage gives the end user a better service.

For instance, good and clear signage makes it easier for guests to find their way around physically, like finding the way to the rooms you should be in.

Information signs which quickly inform the guest about the Wi-Fi code of the house, or small food signs that make it easy to find your way around a buffet, all contribute to giving the guest a better experience.

Service and dialogue with customers is very important to Granotel Displays Copenhagen, and personal service is therefore a high priority.

Granotel Displays Copenhagen is a completely Danish sign concept, invented, developed and produced in Denmark.

The work to improve and further develop the products is continuously on-going, among others based on inspiration from customers' needs and experiences. The aim is to be able to deliver the standard signs in the series in 5 working days.

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