Clear Cafe
Table sign. Granotel Clear Cafe A7s
Table sign. Granotel Clear Cafe A5

Menu card holder, cafe signs.


Clear Cafe is the sign to use when there is a need to replace the messages.

It may be the sign with the quick offer in the bar, but often it is being used as menu card on the tables in the café and in the restaurant or as information sign in the reception.
For the smallest size, A7s, perforated paper with a template ready to print and put into

the signs is available.

The cafe sign is also available in a blackboard version to be written on with a chalk marker.

Clear Cafe A7s

Clear Desk A7's signs are perfect for displaying on the buffet, or as a price sign on the sales shelf.

The sign measures 50 x 95 mm and if you combine Solid Desk with Clear Desk you have optimal flexibility.

Table sign. Granotel Clear Cafe A7s
Table sign. Granotel Clear Cafe A6

Clear Cafe A6

Use Solid Desk A6 signs in the bar or at the conference buffet.

The sign measures 105 x 175 mm

Clear Cafe A5

Solid Desk A5 can be used in most places and is a good size for messages.

Not too big but still big enough to be seen.

The sign measures 150 x 235 mm

Table sign. Granotel Clear Cafe A5
Table sign. Granotel Clear Cafe A4

Clear Cafe A4

If the message needs to get across properly, Solid Desk A4 is the right one.

The sign measures 210 x 330 mm.

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