”The Granotel series stands out because it is for individual use. I have worked together with the company for many years at various workplaces and have always felt that the signs were made especially for me.

It is of great value that it does not seem like a one-size-fits-all product. We use signs only from Granotel in order to have a red thread in our look, and it is also a big advantage to be able to get your own logo on the signs, which makes them ”belong”.

Among other things, the signs we have chosen are also preferred for their functionality, being easy to handle and replace as well as easy to maintain and clean.

Our name signs can be ordered quickly and efficiently, which is important as the employees should not be identityless when they start or lose their name sign.

I would at any time recommend granotel to colleagues, as I really like their way of developing and completing signs and solutions for the individual customer.

I greatly appreciate the personal service I have always received from Lars Skovbæk, as it is of great value to be involved and leave your mark on the signs”.

Bo Nielsen, Restaurantchef, Comwell Borupgaard

”We have had the pleasure of collaborating with Granotel Displays Copenhagen for several years .
Their signs are not only visually appealing, but also incredibly durable.
They are always quick to respond and help with creative solutions”.

Maria Gade, Head of marketing. Charlottehaven, Copenhagen

”At Comwell we need an exclusive and stylish design line – also when it comes to signage.

This need is fully met at Granotel Displays, and in my many years of collaboration with them, I have experienced extremely professional sparring and benefited from their creative input and innovative thinking.

I am fully satisfied with their personal service and flexibility and would recommend Granotel at any time”.

Linn Nielsen, Brand Manager, Comwell

"Hyatt Regency Lisboa is thrilled to share our exceptional collaboration with Granotel Displays.

Their signage solutions have transformed our guest experience, combining design and luxury seamlessly and will continue working with Granotel Displays on future projects.

Their quality and service has been outstanding in the many years of cooperations that we had."

Javier Soler, General Manager, Hyatt Regency, Lísboa

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